Volume 11 Issue 9

Research Article

Prevalence of Frozen Shoulder in Chronic Diabetic Patients

Fiza Komal, Sana Tauqeer, Hammad Shakeel, Naveed Anwar, Sidra Saleem and Kehkshan Khalid. 11(9): 03-07.

Research Article

Prevalence of Low Back Pain and Associated Risk Factors among School Teachers of Lahore

Sidra Saleem, Sana Tauqeer, Hammad Shakeel, Naveed Anwar and Kehkshan Khalid. 11(9): 08-13.

Research Article

Multiple Puncturing of Medial Collateral Ligament in Extension with Trial Implants and Valgus Stress: An Excellent Method for Coronal Plane Balancing in Severe Genu Varus

Sharath Kittanakere Ramanath, Rahul Hemant Shah, Jay Palak, Sandesh Patil and Sarayoo Ravishankar Vaidya. 11(9): 14-23.

Research Article

Surgical Treatment of Lower End of Femur Fractures in Chu - Gabriel Toure

Abdoul Kadri Moussa, Mamadou Bassirou Traoré, Louis Traoré, Mahamadou Diallo, Layes Touré, Drissa Coulibaly, Tieman Coulibaly and Abdou A Touré. 11(9): 24-30.

Research Article

Correlation between Findings on MRI and Clinical Features of Low Back Pain in Adults

Hisham I Eljack and Ahmed M Abd-Elhai. 11(9): 36-41.

Case Report

A Case Report: Atypical Femoral Fracture Nonunion Over 5 Years was Introduced to Solid Fusion Using Teriparatide

Keiichi Shigenobu, Tatsuo Kato, Kentarou Haraya and Kouji Hikino. 11(9): 63-67.

Research Article

Anthropometric and Physical-Conditional Potentialities of Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities for the Practice of Special Olympics Athletics

C Daniela Milagros Palacio González, C Alberto Bautista Sánchez Oms and C Yoel Morales Cuellar. 11(9): 73-77.


Trampled Drug Research for SARS-CoV-2 due to its Vaccines

Muhammad Torequl Islam. 11(9): 78-80.

Case Report

Haglund’s Disease: About a Case

Amine El Maqrout, Mouad Beqqali Hassani, Ayoub Mjidila, Moncef Boufettal, Reda Allah Bassir, Kharmaz, MO Lamrani, M Mahfoud, A El Bardouni and MS Berrada. 11(9): 81-84.