Volume 11 Issue 5

Guest Editorial

Type 1 of Myotonic Dystrophy in Pregnant Women

Behzad Saberi. 11(5): 31-32.

Review Article

Saga of the Rheumatoid Arthritis Activity Criteria

Yu V Muraviov and LA Muraviova. 11(5): 118-126.

Case Report

Acute Bilateral Anterior Shoulder Dislocation after an Epileptic Seizure: A Case Report

Ghannam Abdelaziz, Fekhaoui Mohamed Reda, Krimech Omar , Boufettal Moncef, Bassir Reda Allah and Berrada Mohamed Saleh. 11(5): 59-61.

Research Article

Dance-A Pathway to Strengthen Bones and Relieve Mental Stress

Charanya Gurusathya. 11(5): 16-26.

Research Article

Relationship between Systematic Physical Activity and Cognitive Functions in the Third Age

E Ramírez de Armas, Jesús Ríos Garit, Y Rodríguez Alfonso and C Alberto Bautista Sánchez Oms. 11(5): 01-06.

Review Article

Basic Orthopedic Immunobiologics

Austin Yeargan. 11(5): 07-15.

Research Article

Vitamin C and Hip Fractures-Review

Ray Marks. 11(5): 33-41.

Research Article

The Effectiveness of Segmental Stabilization Exercise with Conventional Therapy and Only Conventional Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain Patients

Minara Akter, Mohammad Anwar Hossain, Ratan Kumar Das and Mst Rabea Begum. 11(5): 42-49.