Volume 11 Issue 1


Cosmetic Surgery Idea Conflicts

Da-Yong Lu, Ying Shen and Bin Xu. 11(1): 01-02.

Research Article

Design and Development of Lateral Tilting Mechanical Bed to Reduce Pressure Ulcers

Sachin S Shinde and Neela Rajhans. 11(1): 01-18.

Review Article

From Hanging to Motor Rehabilitation

Jacques Monet and Grégory Quin. 11(1): 01-10.

Case Report

Deep Venous Thrombosis Post Conservative Treatment of Upper Limb Humerus Fracture

Hatim Mohammed A Alshareef and Waleed Hammad. 11(1): 01-05.

Research Article

Intensity of Interpersonal Relations between an Athlete and a Coach

Yuliya K Zhestkova, Svetlana R Sharifullina and Zinaida M Kuznetsova. 11(1): 01-09.

Research Article

Are Neovessels Exclusive to Achilles Tendinopathy Patients?

Anne-Marie Hucthison, Owen Bodger, David Beard, Ian Pallister, Claire Topliss, Paul Wiliams and Rhodri Evans. 11(1): 01-07.

Clinical Review

Foot Drop: Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Hekmat Albustanji. 11(1): 01-05.

Research Article

The Monitoring System of Student and Working Youth Daily Aerobic Motor Activity

Roman S Nagovitsyn, Zinaida M Kuznetsova, Aleksandr S Kuznetsov, Ildus G Gibadullin, Yuriy S Vanyushin, Yuriy P Denisenko and Olga G Maksimova. 11(1): 01-08.

Literature Review

Motor Activity for Subjects with ADHD and ADD Disorders

Manuela Valentini and Umberto Gasparinetti. 11(1): 01-11.

Research Article

Clinico Pathological Analysis of Chondroblastoma:A Tertiary Care Centre Experience

Sindhu Nair P, Jayasree K, Sreejith G Nair and Venugopal M. 11(1): 01-08.

Review Article

Review of Joint and Muscle Disorders after Prolonged Arduous Labor and Hunger

Benjamin Yuehtung Lee and Julia H Bai. 11(1): 01-06.

Research Article

Cardiac Autonomic Modulation after 12 Weeks of Physical Exercise in Elder Women with Overweight and Obesity

Jayana Caroline Maramaldo Amorim, Daiane Pereira da Silva, Carlos Alberto Alves Dias-Filho, Marcela Rodrigues de Castro, Herikson Araújo Costa, Andressa Coelho Ferreira, Flávio de Oliveira Pires, Cristiano T Mostarda, Thiago Teixeira Mendes and Carlos José Dias. 11(1): 01-10.