Volume 10 Issue 8

Research Article

Contralateral Second Hip Fracture during the Same Hospital Admission Dramatically Increases the Risk of Mortality

Daoud Makki, Michael Hughes, Joseph Alsousou, Philippa Thorpe, Ravindra Gudena and Ronan Banim. 10(8): 617-624.

Case Report

A Missed Neglected Maisonneuve Fracture in an Elderly Male: A Case Report

Sajid Ansari, Mohit Dhingra, Sabeel Ahmad and Aditya Singla. 10(8): 582-588.

Research Article

Surgical Technique of Impaction Bone Grafting in Revision Total Elbow Replacement

Suddhajit Sen, Toni Luokkala, Sumedh Talwalkar, Amar Malhas and Bodo Purbach. 10(8): 596-605.

Research Article

Role of Intra-Articular Steroid Injection in the Management of Frozen Shoulder

Rakesh Kumar Misra and Ashish Vinodkumar Batra. 10(8): 608-612.

Research Protocol

Selection of Abatacept for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Aged 70 Years or Older

Hiraku Kikuchi, Wataru Shimada, Sei Mihira, Jin Nakajima and Taeko Yumoto. 10(8): 613-616.

Case Report

A Patient with Tarsometatarsal Luxation - A Case Report

Marko Barić, Dinko Gorski, Zoran Krstonijević and Franka Jelavić-Kojić. 10(8): 625-631.

Review Article

Common Musculoskeletal Injuries Sustained in an Uncommon Sport: Assessment of Injuries at the Gaelic Games North American Championships

Masahiro Takakura, Darci Davis, Anh Ngoc Le, Heather Overland, Jessica Norton and Nicholas A Kerna. 10(8): 632-638.

Research Article

Stress Fractures in the Employees of the Federal District Court and Territories

Bruno Borges Braga and Luciano Barbosa de Andrade. 10(8): 639-645.

Research Article

Measurement of the Lumbar Spine Canal in CT-Scan Malagasy Population

Rabemanorintsoa Feno Hasina, Razafindraibe Kanto Adrienne, Rafidimalala Rivo and Ahmad Ahmad. 10(8): 646-651.

Case Report

Relationship between Patellar Instability with Recurrent Dislocation and Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome

Loubet Unyendje, Jean-Marie Kapoli, John Mupepa and Jacques Lukongo. 10(8): 652-656.

Case Report

Complex Right Forearm Fracture

C Alejandro Álvarez López, Sergio Ricardo Soto-Carrasco and Yenimade la Caridad García Lorenzo. 10(8): 657-662.

Review Article

Arthrofibrosis in ATR

Jesús Ignacio Cardona Medina, Jesús Ignacio Cardona Muñoz and Ariel de la Rosa Guerrero. 10(8): 663-667.