Volume 9 Issue 7

Guest Editorial

Modern Transpersonal Contactology

Marco De Bona. 9(7): 442-443.

Research Article

Reconstruction of Ocular Surface with Suture vs. Tissue Adhesive

Katya Torres, Eduardo Oliva and Gabriela Blanco. 9(7): 444-456.

Research Article

Anatomic Outcomes after Surgical Management of Retinal Detachment Associated or not with Diabetic Retinopathy

Elige Chbat, John Conrath, Bruno Morin, Christophe Morel and François Devin. 9(7): 460-465.


Should We Recommend Protection against Blue Light?

Ana Gabriela Argueta Vélez. 9(7): 466-467.

Review Article

Pediatric Ocular Motility Disorders

Siddharth Madan, Shamayita Poddar and Zia Chaudhuri. 9(7): 472-498.

Case Report

A Case Report of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) with Unilateral Retinal Phakoma

Hélène Bailleul, Caroline Seghir and Ana Miguel. 9(7): 499-504.

Case Report

Optical Coherence Tomography Findings in Relentless Placoid Chorioretinitis: Discussing a Case with Previous Reports

Murat Kucukevcilioglu, Soner Guven and Ali Hakan Durukan. 9(7): 505-509.

Case Report

Duane Retraction Syndrome - A Case Report

Lenka Prazakova and Pavel Rezek. 9(7): 510-519.

Case Report

Case Report: A Possible Correlation between Gene Variant c.548C>T and Clinically Suspected Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

Jesintha Navaratnam, Nils A Eide, Natalya F Vigerust, Vibeke W Rognlien, Rowan T Faber, Thomas P Bærland and Andreas R Wigers. 9(7): 520-524.

Review Article

Evaluation of nAMD Treatments Efficacy on Patient’s Full Adhesion to the Follow-Up Treatment

Elige Chbat, John Conrath, Christophe Morel, Bruno Morin, Kim Kayat and François Devin. 9(7): 525-532.

Research Article

Comparative Study of Filtering Surgeries with Ologen and Mitomycin- C versus Mitomycin-C Alone

Núria Mendieta, Joel Suárez, Lorena Flores, Roger Herrero, Begoña Barrios and Mercè Guarro. 9(7): 533-542.

Mini Review

Where Mouth Meets Eye

Patricia Valerio. 9(7): 543-547.

Research Article

The Frequency of Zika Virus in a Corneal Donor Population

Ellen Heck, Devon Niewohner, Meifang Zhu, Patricia Dahl, Yvonne Dieppa, H Dwight Cavanagh and Danielle M Robertson. 9(7): 548-554.