Volume 12 Issue 8


Oedipism - The Major Form of Self-Mutilation

Dorota Kopacz, Piotr Maciejewicz and Amelia H Kopacz. 12(8): 01-04.

Research Article

Corneal Densitometry Changes after a Unique Accelerated Epithelium-Off Corneal Collagen Crosslinking Protocol in Keratoconus

Tamer Mohamed El Raggal, Raafat A El Sayed, Mouamen M Mostafa and Karim N Abbas. 12(8): 05-10.

Research Article

Automated Deep Learning-Based Multi-Class Fluid Segmentation in Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography Images

Jonathan D Oakley, Simrat K Sodhi, Daniel B Russakoff and Netan Choudhry. 12(8): 24-37.

Research Article

A New Intra-Operative Tool for Toric IOL Alignment during Cataract Surgery

Meena Kumari Ramesh and Ramesh Rajasekaran. 12(8): 38-44.

Review Article

Recent Trends in Nano Delivery of siRNA to the Eye

Kaushal Divya, Sneed KB and Pathak Yashwant V. 12(8): 45-57.

Short Communication

FreeForm Technology in the Opthalmic Industry

Jose Miguel Cleva, Eva Chamorro and José Alonso. 12(8): 58-60.