Volume 12 Issue 11


How to Manage Finances of Your Medical Practice?

Suresh K Pandey and Vidushi Sharma. 12(11): 01-07.

Research Article

HCV Antibody, Patient Therapy and Ocular Tissue Donation: Is a Review of Donor Criteria Warranted

Ellen Heck, Alison Dingrando, Lisa Juliano and H Dwight Cavanagh. 12(11): 08-14.

Research Article

OCT Findings in Patients with COVID-19 in a Third Level Hospital

José R Mier-Bolio, Jhovan E López-Camacho, Juan D De la Torre-Tovar, Elizabeth Baques-Guillén, José M Arroyo-González and Gerardo Rivera-Arroyo. 12(11): 15-22.

Research Article

Light-Sheet Microscopy of the Optic Nerve Reveals Axonal Degeneration and Microglial Activation in NMDA-Induced Retinal Injury

Yonju Ha, Lorenzo F Ochoa, Olivia Solomon, Shuizhen Shi, Paula P Villarreal, Shengguo Li, Seth Buscho, Gracie Vargas, Wenbo Zhang. 12(11): 23-31.

Research Article

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Regarding the Cataract among Adult in the Town of Parakou in 2020

Codjo Rodrigue Abel Assavedo, Kokou Messan Amedome, Amadou Issifou Alfa Bio, Florian Akponi, Salimatou Monteiro, Chakiratou Abouki and Soule Alamou. 12(11): 32-42.

Research Article

Central Corneal Thickness in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patients Attending B. P. Koirala Lions Centre for Ophthalmic Studies

Rupesh Poudel, Sanjeeb Kumar Mishra, Madhu Thapa, Niraj Dev Joshi and Raju Kaiti. 12(11): 43-50.

Review Article

Ocular Implications in COVID Era: A Challenge

Anuradha Raj and Nikhil Agrawal. 12(11): 51-57.

Case Report

B-Scan and Color Doppler in Retinal Detachment Associated with Asteroid Hyalosis

Gabriela A B P Pellegrini, Rosana C S S Pizarro and Norma Allemann. 12(11): 58-61.

Case Report

Successful Conservative Treatment of Epiretinal Membrane in an Elderly Patient

SA Ignatiev, MB Ro, SV Simonova and AI Listratov. 12(11): 62-67.

Case Report

Case Report: Goldenhar Syndrome with Atypical Features

Hashim Ali Khan, Smaha Jahangir and Fatima Iqbal Awan. 12(11): 68-72.

Case Report

A Case of Choroidal Abscess with Posterior Scleritis as a Primary Clinical Manifestation of Tuberculosis

Nikunj Bhatt, Nikhil Beke, Smriti Misra, Sucheta Kulkarni, Madan Deshpande. 12(11): 73-76.