Volume 11 Issue 9

Research Article

Relationship between Pupil Size in Different Degrees of Myopia in Young Adults in a University Community

Onu N U, Isaac N Akpala, Okechi U Amaechi, Ndukuba S O, Christopher O Timothy, Udo A Ubani, Uchechi C Chijioke, Andrew U Omaka, Amarachi C Ezeigbo, Jacqueline E Obioma-Elemba and Ikesinachi S Uwaezuoke. 11(9): 01-08.

Research Article

Effects of Corn Silk (Zea mays Linn) Extract on Intraocular Pressure and Blood Pressure in Normotensive Young Adults in Abia State University, Nigeria

Samuel O Ndukuba, Grace Benson, Nnenne U Onu, Okechi U Amaechi, Christopher O Timothy, Andrew U Omaka, Uchechi C Chijioke, Chimeremeze A Anonaba, Amarachi C Ezeigbo, Jacqueline E Obioma-Elemba and Ikesinachi S Uwaezuoke. 11(9): 09-16.

Case Report

Laser Pointer Induced Maculopathy: First Case Report in a Pediatric Portuguese Patient

Tomás de Oliveira Loureiro, Diogo Lopes, Ana Rita Carreira, Sandra Rodrigues-Barros, Ana Vide Escada and Nuno Campos. 11(9): 22-27.

Case Report

Nocturnal Effects of Pilocarpine on Intraocular Pressure: A Case Report Using a Contact Lens Sensort

Kaweh Mansouri, Kirsten Hoskens and Kevin Gillmann. 11(9): 28-33.

Case Report

Pseudoexfoliation on Intraocular Lens after Phacoemulsfication

Ahmed M Moharam, Sameh Alawady and Mohammed Elashri. 11(9): 34-36.

Mini Review

SARS-COV-2 does Not Kill Us, the Response of Our Immune System does

Pedro Rocha-Cabrera, Elizabeth Córdoba-Lanús, José E Piñero and Jacob Lorenzo-Morales. 11(9): 50-52.

Research Article

Slit Lamp Barrier Shield as a Means of Protection against Respiratory Droplets

Sepehr Bahadorani, Kellaway Judianne, Thayer Jessica, Johnson Daniel A, Isteitiya Jihad and Sohn Jeong- Hyeon. 11(9): 46-49.

Research Article

Ophthalmological Symptoms, Evaluation and Diagnoses in Parkinson’s Disease

Marta Fabrykowski, Alessandro Di Rocco and Jamie Mitchell. 11(9): 37-45.