Volume 8 Issue 4


Seizures and Epilepsy Related to Stroke

Sachin Naiknaware. 8(4): 140-142.

Case Report

Massive Post Partum Heamorrhage due to Rare Genetic Platelet Disorder

Amani Khalifa and Midhat M Hassenain. 8(4): 162-164.


The Eusoma Project

Henning Ritter. 8(4): 165-167.

Research Article

Does Psychotherapy Improve Success Rates of In Vitro Fertilisation? Systematic Review

Indrielle-Kelly Tereza and Keay Stephen. 8(4): 168-176.

Research Article

Surgical Management of Massive Post-Partum Hemorrhage; a Retrospective Analysis from a Large Tertiary Hospital in Doha, Qatar

Huda Abdulla Saleh, Zeena Saeed El Mansori, Faten El Taher, Amr Abdel Aziz Khalifa, Tarek Kanan and Sunday Olubusola Amu. 8(4): 177-183.

Research Article

Indication for Doppler Evaluation in the Management of Intrauterine Growth Restriction of Vascular Origin in Sub-Saharan Africa

R Konan Blé, N’guessan Luc Olou, P Konan, A Koffi, S Adjoussou, M Fanny, M Fomba, E Aka, A Horo and M Koné. 8(4): 184-189.

Research Article

Improving Women’s Sexual Experience: Efficacy, Tolerability and Acceptability Evaluation of a New Non-Hormonal Intimate Gel (Libicare® Gel Íntimo)

Palacios S, Losa F, Combalia J, Gaslain Y, Emsellem C, Jiménez I and Khorsandi D. 8(4): 198-204.

Research Article

Incidence and Determinants of Massive Post Partum Haemorrhage: A Two Year Retrospective Review from a Multiethnic Population

Huda Abdulla Hussain Saleh, Zeena Saeed Bu Shurbak, Mariam K Maducolil, Ossama Ismail Selmy, Sabir Bakri Hassan Abdalla, Ayatullah Aly saber Aly, Sunday Olubusola Amu and Abdullah Awad A Al Ibrahim. 8(4): 205-214.

Research Article

Comparison between Day 3 and day 5 Embryo Transfer in Success Rate of ICSI- A Comparative Study

Mawahib M Omer, AbdElkarim A Abdrabo, Mohammed Rida. 8(4): 215-219.

Case Report

Giant Omphalocele Associated with 9P Minus Syndrome

Gabrielle Alexander, Jessica Silva, Berenice Curi, Jana Yancy, Andrej Bogojevic and Kecia Gaither. 8(4): 220-223.

Review Article

Legal Aspect of Gynaecological Ultrasound in UK Practice

Costas Panayotidis. 8(2): 224-231.