Volume 13 Issue 3


Public Awareness of Covid-19 Neurological Sequelae

George Gregory Buttigieg and Kirill Micallef-Stafrace. 13(3): 01-02.

Research Article

Residents Well-Being and Clinical Metrics during COVID-19 Pandemic in a Rural Neurology Setting

Muhammad Taimur Malik, Edward Stefanowicz, Ramin Zand and J David Avila. 13(3): 09-17.

Research Article

Neurocognitive Decay in Puerto Rican Multiple Sclerosis Cases

Claudia L Ríos- López, Marcos Devarie-Homedo, Ángel Chinea-Martinez, Pedro Ruiz-Medina, Anwar Abdul-Hadi and Karla Narváez-Pérez. 13(3): 18-28.

Research Article

Differential Impact of Periventricular and Deep White Matter Lesions in Parkinson’s Disease

Juliana R Zuiani, Rachel P Guimarães, Lidiane S Campos, Augusto C Amato-Filho, Luiza G Piovesana, Paula C Azevedo, Raphael F Casseb, Joseph H Friedman, Fernando Cendes and Anelyssa D’Abreu. 13(3): 29-37.

$research_intrst Article

A Comparative Study of Anaesthetic Agents on High Voltage Activated Calcium Channel Currents in Identified Molluscan Neurons

Terence J Morris, Philip M Hopkins and William Winlow. 13(3): 38-52.

Research Article

Pain in Brazilian Healthcare Professionals during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Gilberto Diniz de Oliveira Sobrinho, Isabella Araujo Mota Fernandes and Iuara Paiva Silva Morais. 13(3): 53-61.

Research Article

Increased Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Levels in Children with Autism

AJ Russo, Albert Mensah and Judith Bowman. 13(3): 62-66.

Review Article

Efficacy and Importance of Spinal Cord Stimulation for Pain

Amit Kumar Tomar, Pritam Majumdar, Shankar Balakrishnan and Aslihan Cevik. 13(3): 67-73.

Mini Case Study

Surgical Excision of Scalp Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Reconstruction of Scalp Defect by Rotation Flap

Vijay Kumar Raut, Akhlaque Hossain Khan and Bipin Chaurasia. 13(3): 89-92.

Case Report

Frontoethmoidal Encephalocele: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

O Kerdoud, F Slimani, A Jehri and A Naja. 13(3): 96-100.

Mini Review

Covid-Somnia: Specifics and Psychological Diagnostic

Aleksey Igorevich Melehin. 13(3): 101-108.

Mini Case Study

A Particular Case of Neonatal Head Trauma

Naserdine Gasmi. 13(3): 109-114.

Short Communication

Iron Deposition in the Central Nervous System of the Human Brain

Jacques De Reuck. 13(3): 115-116.

Review Article

A Practical Guide to Electroanalgesia and Laser Therapy in Acute and Chronic Pain Management

Nicholas A Kerna, Uzoamaka Nwokorie, Abdullah Hafid, Kevin D Pruitt, Raymond Nomel, Rashad Roberson, Sahalia Rashid, Fernand Jean-Baptiste and John V Flores. 13(3): 117-127.