Volume 13 Issue 10


Acute-Onset Polyneuropathy Associated with SARS-CoV-2

Shan Liu and Hong-Liang Zhang. 13(10): 74-77.

Research Article

Dissociation of Correlations Between Aggregation Indicators and the Number of Peripheral Blood Cells with Regenerative Potential Contributes to an Increase in Life Expectancy et Glioblastomas

Pedachenko EG, Моrozov АM, Gridina N Ya, Rozumenko VD, Kot LA, Ushenin Yu V, Kliuchka VM, Draguntsova NG, Rozumenko AV, Belousova AD and Biloshytsky VV. 13(10): 48-54.

Research Article

Physical and Verbal Aggression among Rafsanjan Preschoolers

Amirhosseini N, Tahere Sadeghye, Mohammad Shamsian, Reza Bidaki and Ehsan Farhadi Shurbalaghi. 13(10): 58-67.

Research Article

Stroke in Bogota, Colombia: Are we that Different?

Camilo Andrés Romero and Mariana Gaviria Carrillo. 13(10): 68-73.

Review Article

Embouchure Dystonia: Review and Perspective from a Horn Player

Devin N Reddy and Laura J Wu. 13(10): 33-38.

Review Article

Wnt Signaling Pathway: A New Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

Monika Kadian, Aakriti Garg, Neetu Saini, Hemprabha Tainguriya and Anil Kumar. 13(10): 71-79.

Review Article

Zavera an Oasis in the Truth

Doina Tesu Rollier. 13(10): 80-86.

Review Article

Neurobiology of Circadian Cycle: A Contemplative Approach

Santa Misra. 13(10): 21-29.

Review Article

The Essentials in Tourette Syndrome

Sacristán HE, Galati AS, Canestrari L and Gómez Forero AG. 13(10): 91-110.

Mini Review

Effects of COVID-19 on Alzheimer’s Patients: A Brief Overview

Nabeela Khanam and Nazish Fatima. 13(10): 47-49.

Case Report

A Case Report of Fragile X Premutation with Unusual Presentation

Alexander Biart Vega and Ketty Sánchez Cárdenas. 13(10): 39-46.

Short Communication

NMDA Receptors as Key Players for Decision-Making in Neuron

Susumu Ito, Osamu Yokoi and Katsuhiko Hata. 13(10): 30-32.