Volume 12 Issue 1

Research Article

Public Knowledge and Awareness about Parkinson’s Disease in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Hassan M Al-Dakhlan, Faisal H Al-Dera, Ahmed N Al Saleh, Abdullah M AlKhalifa, Hussain A AL Abdullah and Inam Khuda. 12(1): 01-10.

Research Article

Using Valproic Acid in Patients with Brain Tumor During Adjuvant Radiotherapy

Aleksandr S Shershever, Dmitry L Benzion, Svetlana A Lavrova, Yuliya A Mironova and Gleb V Cherkasov. 12(1): 01-07.

Research Article

Efficacy and Tolerability of Add-on Cannabidiol in Pediatric Patients with Drug-Resistant Epilepsy: An Open Exploratory Interventional Study in México

Carlos G Aguirre-Velázquez, Kenny Lemus-Roldán, Jaba Kokhreidze, Levan Darjania and Stuart W Titus. 12(1): 01-11.

Research Article

Stimulant Use to Improve Wakefulness Following Brain Injury: A Survey of the Neurocritical Care Society

James Peoples, Alejandro J Lopez, Kristofer Feeko, Lauren Ng, Michelle Gobrial, Omar Shah, Matthew Vibbert, Jacqueline Urtecho, Jack Jallo, Rodney Bell, Fred Rincon, Barak Bar and M Kamran Athar. 12(1): 01-06.

Research Article

Study of the Sensory and Motor Functions of Premature Infants

Lubov Anatolevna Troitskaya, Vera Anatolevna Erokhina and Oganes Levonovich Badalyan. 12(1): 01-07.

Mini Review

Artificial Intelligence: Thinking and Acting Otherwise

Patrice F Dassonville. 12(1): 01-06.

Clinical Images

Putaminal Arc Signal as a Neuroradiological Clue to Multiple System Atrophy with Predominant Parkinsonism. A Case Report

Joseph Bruno Bidin Brooks, Fábio César Prosdócimi, Rodrigo André Oliveira and Guilherme Lopes da Silveira. 12(1): 01-02.

Research Article

A Critical Review to Investigate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as Sleep Disorder

Aman Gupta, Ramesh C Deka and Shruti Gupta. 12(1): 01-10.

Research Article

The Prevalence of Migraine and its Impact on the Educational Achievement of Medical Students at King Saud University - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Sara Rayed Saleh Alsaleh, Majed Muid Owidh Albogami, Ashwag Saud Alharthi, Mousa Mohammed Akkour, Sahar abdrab alameer alshakhis, Nouf Jafar Alzahrani, Yasser Abdullah Alhudaithi, Turki Faissal Bugshan, Faisal Amjad Abdulaziz and Ali Ibrahim H Sabei. 12(1): 01-10.