Volume 11 Issue 3


Cohesin and Cohesin Related Proteins: A New Frontier for Alzheimer Disease Exploration

Vladan P Bajic and Biljana Spremo- Potparevic. 11(3): 162-165.

Research Article

Subtypes of Ischemic Stroke and their Risk Factors in Western Rajasthan: A Cross Sectional Study at Tertiary Centre

Khichar Purnaram Shubhakaran, Amita Bhargava, Kirti Sachdeva and Nitti Kapoor Kaushal. 11(3): 166-172.

Review Article

The Antiepileptic Lamotrigine Use in Psychiatric Disorders

Hani Raoul Khouzam and Tirath S Gill. 11(3): 173-181.

Case Report

Atypical Case of Takotsubo Syndrome in an Elderly Woman

Mark B Detweiler, Jonna G Detweiler and Geoffrey M Bader. 11(3): 185-196.

Review Article

Brain and Body: The Neuropsychology of Anxiety

Latrice Annette Drain. 11(3): 197-201.