Volume 10 Issue 2

Research Protocol

The Cognitive Benefits of Learning Native Language and Bilingualism in a Minority Group

Genc Struga, Thomas Bak and Enver Roshi. 10(2): 22-23.

Research Article

Types and Risk Factors of Cerebrovascular Disease among Adult Patients Admitted in KKUH in Riyadh City: A Case Control Study

Alqarni Ayeshah B, Alotaibi Faisal A, Aljohani Abdulrahman A, Algthami Dalia D, Almogazwi Alaa A, Abo Hasson Fatimah H, Alsadah Fatimah J, Alnumair Abdulaziz S, Alnami Shahad K and Alqahtani Reem Ali. 10(2): 24-33.

Review Article

Psychosocial Needs and Occupational Functioning of Younger Adults after Stroke

Sanskriti Sasikumar and Aleksandra Pikula. 10(2): 34-47.

Review Article

How Overnutrition Alters Brain Activity

Mohammad Jodeiri Farshbaf, Abbas Kiani-Esfahani and Kamran Ghaedi. 10(2): 48-65.

Research Article

Right but not Left Hemisphere Connectivity Differs between Genders

Byron Bernal, Alfredo Ardila and Monica Rosselli. 10(2): 66-80.

Review Article

Headaches, Pathogenesis and Therapies

Giorgia Andrisani and Giovanni Andrisani. 10(2): 83-90.

Research Article

Psychosocial Problems in Children with Idiopathic Epilepsy

Abdullah Ayidh Almutairi, Muhammad Talal Alrifai, Maram Saleh Alturki, Qais Saad Alrashidi and Mohamed Mohamed Salama. 10(2): 91-97.

Literature Review

HEMINEGLECT: A Review of the Literature

Manuel Leite Lopes, Mauricio de Sant Anna Jr, Hebert Pereira Ferreira, Carlos Eduardo Cardoso, Eduardo Tavares Lima Trajano, Marco Orsini and Charles André. 10(2): 98-105.