Volume 8 Issue 2

Research Article

Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections at Intensive Care Unit in Bahrain

Sanaa AlKhawaja, Safaa AlKhawaja, Nermin K Saeed, Nashwa Fawzy Abd El Moez Azam and Sara Mansoor Hussain. 8(2): 71-79.


Current Status of Tick Control

Dalia S Ashour. 8(2): 80-84.

Review Article

Infections in Burn Patients

Marina Macedo-Viñas. 8(2): 85-91.

Review Article

In Vitro Reconstructed Human Epithelial Models for Microbial Infection Research: Why Do We Need them?

Andrea Chiesa, Rita Sorrentino, Diletta Francesca Squarzanti, Andrea Cochis, Lia Rimondini and Barbara Azzimonti. 8(2): 92-96.