Volume 14 Issue 5


Antimicrobial Resistance and Need for New Drugs

Athina Geronikaki. 14(5): 210.

Research Article

Production and Optimization of Biosurfactants from Bacillus subtilis

Nawal Mehmood, Mohsin Iqbal and Muhammad Asgher. 14(5): 211-224.

Research Article

α-Amylase Production by Thermophilic Isolates of Bacillus licheniformis

Yousra Rizg-Allah Ali, Elham S Daoud, Alzamka MA Almbruk, Mohammed AA Soutiyah, Ahmed Ali Al-Mahdi, Mona E Elyass, Noor Alhooda Milood Alawkally, Abdelmanam Fakron and Idress Hamad Attitalla. 14(5): 225-233.

Research Article

Relative Survival of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Strains from Environment and Food Source in Water and Sediment of Cochin Estuary

Reshma Silvester, Ally Antony, Ajin Madhavan and Mohamed Hatha. 14(5): 234-240.

Letter to Editor

Short Anti-Microbial Peptide Surrogates as Antiseptic Agent to Increase Hygiene in Public Installations

Shimon Shatzmiller, Galina Zats, Inbal Lapidot and Rami Krieger. 14(5): 241-247.

Research Article

Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Pregnancy with Special Reference to HIV Positive Antenatal Women

D Rama Devi, B Kavitha, Jigni Pathan and B Nageshwar Rao. 14(5): 248-254.

Research Article

The Epidemiology of Candida Infections in Romania

Sergiu Fendrihan, Ecaterina Scorțan, Mircea-Ioan Popa and Simona Neagu. 14(5): 255-263.

Research Article

A Three-Year Study on the Prevalence and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Escherichia coli Isolated from Cloacal Swabs of Wild and Domestic Birds in Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Afiukwa Ngozi, Nwuzo Agabus, Okonkwo Eucharia, Udu-Ibiam Onyinyechi, Emioye Abraham, Ejikeugwu Chika and Iroha Ifeanyichukwu. 14(5): 266-273.

Research Article

Prevalence of Integrons among Food Borne Bacteria and their Relationship with Antimicrobial Resistance in West of Iran

Fahimeh Hajiahmadi, Nasim Safari, Behroz Zeyni, Alireza Mordadi and Mohammad Reza Arabestani. 14(5): 274-279.