Volume 8 Issue 6

Research Article

Transvaginal Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Luteal Phase Deficiency

Abdullaiev R Ya, Kulikova FI, Lysenko TP, Golovko TS, Baibakov VM, Kosse VA, Derkach AK and Semenenko VM. 8(6): 392-400.

Case Report

Multiple Iatrogenic Peritoneal Leiomyoma after Laparoscopic Myomectomy and Pregnancy: Case Report

Helena Bralo, Philipp-Andreas Hessler, Plamen Staikov, Julius Flöter and Günter Köhler. 8(6): 415-421.

Research Protocol

Characteristics of Hypertensive Pregnant Women at a Tertiary Maternity Hospital in Qatar, 2015 - 2017

Rayan Itani, Gamal Sayed Ahmed, Abdullah Ibrahim and Mohamed Ahmed Abdelmoneam Ramadan. 8(6): 422-424.

Short Communication

Different Strategies to Combat Inflammatory Diseases

Shinjini Mitra, Alpana Dave and Ena Ray Banerjee. 8(6): 425-429.

Research Article

Delivery Care Model Directed by Matrons Front Led by Midwives and Obstetricians Dr. Josep Trueta Hospital of Girona

Carme Compte, Agnès Magret, Cristina Sabench, Josefa Sanchez, Jezabel Redondo, Ana Cano, Lluïsa Prades, Dolors Puig and Rosa Suner-Soler. 8(6): 430-437.

Research Article

Swyer Syndrome: Challenging Diagnosis and Literature Review

Tibeică Maria Alexandra, Ursache Alexandra, Tănase Adina Elena, Farai Nhambasora and Onofriescu Mircea. 8(6): 438-445.

Research Article

Levonorgestrel Releasing Intrauterine System for the Mentally Challenged - A Pilot Study

SK Kathpalia, Madhukar Shinde, Monica Mann Sharma, Aparna Karan and Divya Punetha. 8(6): 446-450.

Research Article

New Technologies in Surgical Approach of Genital Reconstructive Surgery and Human Sexuality

Gabriel A Femopase, Martin Sabado and Sofia Femopase. 8(6): 451-464.

Research Article

Evaluation of Risk Factors for the Occurrence of Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries. A Cohort Study

Fernando Gil Raga, López Pérez M, Sánchez Ortiz M, Martín González JE, Gómez Tébar Ll, Tamarit Bordes G, Lozoya Araque T and Llinares Valldecabres C. 8(6): 475-480.

Case Report

Spontaneous Pneumothorax and Delivery. A Case Report

Socorro Arnedillo-Sanchez, Jorge Romero-Martinez, M Jose Remensal-Prieto and Cecilia Ruiz- Ferron. 8(6): 494-497.