Volume 5 Issue 10


Oriental Cholangitis: Surgeon’s Point of View

Ammar Alkattan. 5(10): 759-760.

Research Article

Lymph Node Resection in Colon Adenocarcinoma. Quality Procedure Revision in an Academic Center

Diego Eduardo Lapiedra Easton*, Pablo Cantileno, Alexandra Duffau, Ana Vilas, Marcelo Viola and Fernando Gonzalez. 5(10): 761-775.

Review Article

Postoperative Imaging of Bariatric Surgery: What Radiologists Need to Know

Çisel Yazgan, Sinan Balci, Tevfik Tolga Şahin and Mahir Özmen. 5(10): 776-786.

Systematic Review and Case Report

Recurrence of Volvulus of Sigmoid Colon after Sigmoid Colon Partial Resection: A Systematic Review and Case Report

Malene Enevoldsen and Alaa El-Hussuna. 5(10): 787-798.

Case Study

Colonic Giardiasis, a Rare Entity: Report of Two Cases

Rachana Chaturvedi, Juhi Varshney, Amita Joshi and Tejal Shah. 5(10): 799-802.

Letter to Editor

Duplication of Vermiform Appendix in a 6-Year-Old Child

Mohamed Zouari, Hamdi Louati, Mahdi Ben Dhaou, Sahla Sallemi and Riadh Mhiri. 5(10): 803-804.

Research Article

Diagnosis Escape Variants of Hepatitis B Virus are Predominant in Inactive Carriers and Display Varied Therapeutic Response in Treatment Eligible Patients

Panyala Balkumar Reddy, Rathindra Mohan Mukherjee, Mitnala Sasikala, Padaki Nagaraja Rao, Mithun Sharma and Duvvuru Nageshwar Reddy. 5(10): 805-815.

Research Article

Low Quality Bowel Preparation in Hospitalized Patients Undergoing Colonoscopy is Frequent and is Associated with the Need for Repeated Procedures

Dan M Livovsky, Anat Horesh, Yael Milgrom, Benjamin Koslowsky, Eran Goldin and Dov Wengrower. 5(10): 824-831.

Case Report

Staged Management of Meckel’s Diverticulitis

Zi Qin Ng, Sharin Pradhan and Palan Thirunavukkarasu. 5(10): 832-834.

Research Article

Outcome of Onlay Prolene Mesh Fixation using Skin Staplers in Ventral Hernia

Tamer Rushdy, Abdelrahman Metwalli, Muhammad A Baghdadi, Amr Abdelraouf. 5(10): 840-848.

Case Report

Epiploic Appendagitis: The Forgotten Differential Diagnosis for Acute Abdomen

Carolina Oldoni, Cassio Henrique Taques, Júlia de Freitas Azzolini, Júlia de Martino Cruvinel Borges and João Guilherme Boaretto Guimarães. 5(10): 849-852.