Volume 19 Issue 6


The Expanded Tentacles of Laser in Dentistry

Nagy Abdulsamee and Passant Nagi.

Review Article

Dental Stem Cells: The New Trend in Regenerative Medicine. An Overview

Dorsaf Touil, Boukchina Roua, Amri Afef, Moussaoui Eya, Oualha lamia and Douki Nabiha.

Research Article

Comparative Evaluation of Endodontic Disinfection Using PDT and MTAD - An In Vivo Study

Bhavana Vankayala, Murali Mohan T, Vidyadara Lakshmi H, Harikrishna Saladi, Swetha K and Aruna Kumari Ganapathi.

Research Article

Finite Element Study on Posterior Three-Unit Fixed Dental Prosthesis Made from Different Materials

Salah A Yousief, Jumanah Ateeq A Alsubhi, Wurayf Hassan A Tulbah, Maram Turky Abbas, Nusaybah Abbas Yamani, Haila Majed aljuhani, Suha saud alshammari, Manar Ghazi Almohnna3, Njoud fahad almeniei, Ebtisam, Alghamdi, Ibrahim Alqurashi, Madawi Badr Alshalhoub, Yousef Jayar, Rami M Galal and Mahmoud A Mekky.

Review Article

Covid-19 Public Health Emergency: Mini Review and Impact on Maxillofacial Practice in Serbia- What we have Learnt during Our Wireless Journal Club between 10th and 30th March

Melvil Šabani, Drago Jelovac, Danilo Nikolić, Ana Durković, Aleksandar Stefanović, Milan Petrović and Vitomir Konstantinović.

Research Article

The Analysis of Orthodontic Reception StaffingOrthodontic Reception Staffing, According to the Social Survey

ES Tutusheva, M Ya Abramova and Mohammad Masoudian Khouzani.

Research Article

Impact of Pregnancy on Dental Caries, Periodontal Diseases and Salivary pH, in Makkah Region

Shaima Al-harbi, Reyoof Askar, Asayl Jomah, Amjad Alotaibi, Rahaf Al-quthami and Rabab salama.

Research Article

Analysis of Pathologies of Hard Tooth Tissues before Orthodontic Treatment Using a Bracket System

Eliza Saidovna Tutusheva, Marina Yakovlena Abramova and Mohammad Masoudian Khouzani.

Research Article

The Usage of Solcoseryl Dental Adhesive Paste and its Effect on Healing Process in Patients after Dental Extraction

Rawan Adnan Alabrahim, Ahmed Gadalla Elhaj, Sabrin Ali Azim and Parisa Foroughiasl DDS.

Review Article

Er,Cr: YSGG Laser with Various Firing Tips: Its Magic Wand in Endodontics. Review

Nagy Abdulsamee, Ahmed Elkhadem and Passant Nagi.

Research Article

Association of Obesity with Periodontal Indices: A Cross Sectional Research Study

Madiha Sultan, Ashar Jamelle, Ayesha Hassan, Binish Saqib, Gulrukh Askary and Syed Hussain Askary.

Research Protocol

A Simple Innovative Technique for Fabrication of a 3-D Cast Guided Surgical Template for Dental Implant Placement Using Conventional Radiographic Techniques

Swapnil B Shankargouda, Preena Sidhu, Harini KS, Smitha Sharan, Sounyala Rayannavar, Sonica Miyyapuram.

Research Article

Oral Cancer Awareness among General Public in Saudi Arabia

Nuha Alkanhal, Rana Barakeh, Abdulelah Andejani and Ahmad Alomar.

Case Report

Waardenburg Syndrome Type 2: A Restorative Perspective

Suneeth Shetty, Sunil Tejaswi and Ambikathanaya UK.

Review Article

Periodontal Vaccines: A Dental Regime! Systematic Review

Rimi Najeeb, Anamika Sharma and Mehvish Saleem

Review Article

Beginners Guide for Resilient Tissue Conditioners-A Review

Angilina Helen Vivek J, T Pavan Kumar, P Srinivasa Rao, Kalamalla A Saran Babu and P Madhavi Latha.