Volume 16 Issue 5


Elderly Dental Patient

Adnan Ćatović. 16(5): 166.

Research Article

Corrosion Resistance Tests on Various Alloys

Christy Catherine Mary, S Rajendran and J Jeyasundari. 16(5): 167-183.

Research Article

Evaluation of Bond Strength (μTBS) of Conventional Adhesives in Substrate Deproteinized - A Study In Vitro

Claudio Paulo Pereira de Assis, Ana Isabella Arruda Meira Ribeiro, Leonardo Jose Rodrigues de Oliveira, Hermínia Anníbal, Luan Candido Bernardo and Rodivan Braz. 16(5): 184-196.

Review Article

Maxillary Anterior Teeth Width Proportion a Literature Review

Kazem Dalaie, Mohammad Behnaz, Hoori Mirmohamadsadeghi and Mahmood Dashti. 16(5): 197-206.

Research Article

The Use of Resorbable Plate or Lag Screw in Fixation After Genioplasty a Comparative Study

Hiam Kesho, Jamal Dabbas and Yamen Tarakji. 16(5): 207-235.


Assessment of Knowledge and Practice of Infection Control Policies in College of Dentistry, Taibah University, KSA

Mohammed Fares Shahadah, Ahmed Bhayat and Anas Osamah Shahadah. 16(5): 236-240.