Volume 15 Issue 1

Case Report

Giant submandibular Sialoliths: A Report of Five Cases

Cyrus Mohamadi Nezhad, Reza Mehravaran and Maryam Sharafi. 15(1): 02-08.

Case Report

Massive Hemangioma of Buccal Mucosa in Adults: A Case Report

Sana Hashmi and Faisal Idrees. 15(1): 09-14.

Review Article

Laser Dentistry: Hazards and Safety Measures. Review

Nagy Abdulsamee. 15(1): 15-30.

Research Article

Alterations to Dental Implant Surfaces Produced by Different Methods of Mechanical Debridement. In Vitro Scanning Electron Microscope Study

Marques-Guasch Jordi, Satorres-Nieto Marta, Altuna-Fistulera Pablo, Hernandez-Alfaro Federico, Calvo-Guirado Jose Luís and Gargallo-Albiol Jordi. 15(1): 36-43.