Volume 13 Issue 6


The Fractographic Analysis of Ceramic Failures

Ricardo Sgura. 13(6): 242-244.

Research Article

Higher Prevalence of HLA-DQB1*0301 in Non-Diabetic Mestee Subjects with Chronic Periodontitis

Adriano MA Monteiro, Songeli M Freire, Maria T Bendicho, Roberto Meyer, Isaac S Gomes-Filho, Urbino R Tunes, Carine Schitini Pinheiro, Soraya Castro Trindade and Denise C Lemaire. 13(6): 252-260.

Research Article

Prevalence of Different Impacted Maxillary Canine Locations in a Saudi Population in Riyadh City

Omar H Alkadhi, Albara A Alfuraih and Nancy M Ajwa. 13(6): 261-265.

Review Article

The Validity of Intramarrow Penetration with Open Flap Debridement in the Treatment of Intrabony Defects in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis

Hussein Ibrahim Saudi, Shereen Abd El-Moula Ali and Ahmed Mohamed E Ghaysh. 13(6): 266-276.

Short Communication

Dental Implants: Third Generation of Teeth

Alka Adyalkar. 13(6): 277-282.