Volume 2 Issue 3

Research Article

Does Kidney Size Depend on the Number of Renal Arteries?

Katarzyna Sośnik and Henryk Sośnik. 2(3): 82-89.

Mini Review

Inbred, Connatural, Hamartoma- Nevus Sebaceous

Anubha Bajaj. 2(3): 97-105.

Case Report

Topographic and Anatomical Characteristic of the Relationship of the Phrenic Nerve and Subclavian Vessels

Ivantsou Aliaksei, Valchkevich Dzmitry and Ivantsou Uladzimir. 2(3): 106-108.

Research Article

New Perspective of Hyoid Bone Morphology

Sushama Kalidas Chavan and Mohini M Joshi. 2(3): 111-117.

Case Report

Severe Atypical Evolution of the Cutaneous Lichen Planus: Case Report

Cauê Fontan Soares, Edivaldo Xavier da Silva Júnior and Joaquim Celestino da Silva Neto. 2(3): 123-129.

Case Report

Anomalous Origin and Course of Left Vertebral Artery with its Clinical Significance - A Case Report

Raviprasanna KH, Aditya Krishna Das and Anand L Kulkarni. 2(3): 130-134.