Volume 7 Issue 7


Repositioning Cannabinoids in Recent Drug Discovery and it’s Manifestation in Cancer Therapy

Gauravaaditya Kulkarni and Anindya Goswami. 7(7): 531-534.

Review Article

Alzheimer’s Pathogenesis, Metal-Mediated Redox Stress, and Potential Nanotheranostics

Willam T Wang, Breeya A Tailor, David S Cohen and Xudong Huang. 7(7): 547-558.

Case Report

Guillain Barré Syndrome- A Case Report

Juveria Tarannum, G Rajkumar and A Shyam Sunder. 7(7): 559-562.

Mini Review

A Short Note on Pharmacology of Annona Species: A 2019 Update

Devansh Mehta, Mohd. Shuaib and Shamim Ahmad. 7(7): 563-564.

Research Article

Pesticides Residues in Samples of Sweet Peppers (Capsicum annum) from Khartoum State, Sudan

Nawader Hassan Elgobar Musa, Ahmed Mohammed Ali Hammad, Azhari Omer Abdelbagi and Abd Elaziz Sulieman Ahmed Ishag. 7(7): 568-576.

Research Article

Dose-Dependent Effects of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Desmodium adscendens on Liver Functions

Seriki A Samuel, Adebayo OF and Odetola AO. 7(7): 597-608.

Research Article

Antibacterial Activity of Methanol Extract and Fractions from Stem Bark of Bridelia micrantha (Hochst.) Baill. (Phyllanthaceae)

Colette Elysée Aboudi Etono, Raymond Simplice Mouokeu, Guy Sedar Singor Njateng, Alembert Tchinda Tiabou, Rebeca Ebelle Etame and Rosalie Anne Ngono Ngane. 7(7): 609-616.

Research Article

Drug Use Evaluation in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Najumun Nisha Begum. 7(7): 617-629.


Ultraviolet Radiation Toxicity in High Altitude Areas

Nilutpal Sharma Bora. 7(7): 630.


Use of Tobramycin in Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

Vaishali M Patil and Neeraj Masand. 7(7): 631-635.

Mini Review

Stroke, Headaches and Hallucinations: Real Dangers of the Recreational Use of Amphetamines and Ecstasy-Like Drugs: Unrecognized Role of Hypomagnesemia

Burton M Altura, Asefa Gebrewold, Anthony Carella, Nilank C Shah, Gatha J Shah and Bella T Altura. 7(7): 646-652.

Research Article

Assessment of Pharmaceutical Care versus Traditional Pharmacy Practice in Ogun State Nigeria: Tracking System Dynamics

Eze UIH, Ogbonna BO, Anetoh MU, Orji CE, Onwuchuluba EE, Soni J and Akonoghrere RO. 7(7): 661-673.

Short Communication

Bipolar Mood Disorder and Pharmacology

Mojtaba Mafi and Fateme Rezvani. 7(7): 674-677.

Research Article

Exposure to Metals from the Consumption of Energy Drinks - Dietary Intake Assessment

Carmen Rubio, Soraya Paz, Aarón Ravelo, Gara Luis-González, Dailos González-Weller, Arturo Hardisson, Consuelo Revert and Ángel J Gutiérrez. 7(7): 691-701.

Research Article

Effect of the Administration of Ascorbic Acid on the Adiposity Index in Rats with Obesity Induced by Hypercaloric Diet or Hypercaloric Emulsion

Jaury-Díaz Jessica, Islas-Pérez Valentín and Garrido-Acosta Osvaldo. 7(7): 702-711.

Research Article

Impact of Helicobacter pylori Intoxication in Throat, Mouth, Eyes and Face Skin Health in the Democratic Republic of Congo

J Ndelo-di-Phanzu, L Mputu Malolo, P Ndelo Matondo and Y Nuapia. 7(7): 712-720.

Research Article

Pharmacognostical and Biological Evaluation of Cultivated Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels (Jambolan) in Libya

Najla A Elmarimi, Mokhtar R Haman and Mohamed N Abuhadra and Fathi M Sherif. 7(7): 721-734.