Volume 6 Issue 6


Protein Flexibility and Cellular Signaling

Vsevolod V Gurevich. 6(6): 384-389.

Research Article

Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical and Total Phenolic Content Study of Lagerstroemia Floribunda Jack (Kedah Bungor)

Mukesh S Sikarwar, Lee Chee Chung, Lo Wei Ting and Lim Chuan Chee. 6(6): 400-410.

Case Report

A Case Report on Bullous Pemphigoid

P Sravyasruthi, KR Swetha, PV Saranya, M Pranusha, V Madhavi and D Ranganayakulu. 6(6): 411-413.

Review Article

Overview on Drugs Causing Anemia

Layla Ezzat Borham. 6(6): 414-422.

Research Article

Effect of Carboplatin Loaded Niosomal Nanoparticles on Ovarian Cancer Cells

Leila Kanaani, Vida Heidari, Azim Akbarzadeh Khiyavi and Nafiseh Bahadori Birgani. 6(6): 423-428.

Research Article

Body Fat Distribution among College Students

Havagiray R Chitme, Nameer Al Ward, Taif Rashid Alkaabi and Rafida Rashid Alshehi. 6(6): 445-454.


Inflammation: Long Term Solutions for Life

Charles D Shively. 6(6): 455-456.

Research Article

Investigation of Characteristics of Loaded Cisplatin on the Liposomal Nanoparticles of the Rat Glioma Cell Line C6

Javad Farhadian Asgarabadi, Mohammadreza Malekpour and Azim Akbarzadeh. 6(6): 457-462.

Research Article

In Modern Ocular Pharmacology-Dexamethasone the Top Active Corticosteroid

Loai Aljerf and Nuha Al Masri. 6(6): 463-468.

Review Article - Best Article of the Issue

Neurological Implications of Dendrotoxin: A Review

Anil Kumar and Varun Gupta. 6(6): 469-476.


Beyond the Human Eye: Is Safe to Breath at Home?

Rafael Martínez-Girón and Cristina Martínez-Torre. 6(6): 478-480.

Review Article

Field Evaluation of Vaccines against Respiratory Viral Disease in Chickens

Kh M Elbayoumi, Nagwa S Rabie and Mona S Zaki. 6(6): 481-490.

Research Article

A Prospective Study to Assess the Severity and Outcome of Poisoning with Auramine-O and Malachite Green Dye

Mohamed Hisham, Sakthivel Murugesan, Lakshmikanthcharan S and MN Sivakumar. 6(6): 491-497.