Volume 11 Issue 5

Research Article

Preclinical Toxicity Assessment of UNIM-352, a Polyherbal Unani Preparation, and its Optimized Formulations: A Potential Therapeutic Modality for Bronchial Asthma

Maaz Naqvi, Mohd Rafi Reshi, Nafaa Hasan, Saman Anees, Kavita Gulati and Arunabha Ray. 11(5): 01-09.

Review Article

Students’ Perspective towards Impact of e-Learning on Medical Education in a Low Resource Set-Up at Delhi during COVID Era

Sana Rehman, Sabina Khan, Zenis Baluja and Shivani Varshney. 11(5): 41-48.

Review Article

Do Plasmon Gold Nanoparticles Really Capable of Remotely Opening Ion Channels? Is it Fact or Fancy?

Anatoly I Soloviev and Alexader V Zholos. 11(5): 14-20.

Review Article

Nutraceuticals Stirring the Modern Rehabilitation for Existence Diseases

Mihir Y Parmar and Priya Panchal. 11(5): 35-40.

Mini Review

Biological Effects of N1-Methylnicotinamide

Mikhael Khodosovsk. 11(5): 10-13.