Volume 10 Issue 8

Guest Editorial

Zoonotic Diseases and the Species Barrier

Shimon Shatzmiller, Galina Zats, Ludmila Buzhansky, Inbal Lapidot and Rami Krieger

Research Article

Piper nigrum Mitigates Reserpine-Induced Orofacial Dyskinesia in Wistar Rats

Rupali Arun Patil, Shubhangi Pawar and Sandeep D Sadafal

Research Article

Examination of Dental Anxiety and Fear Levels of Dentistry Faculty Students: A Case of North Cyprus

Kubra Ozsat, Mahdi Ghorbani Mazraeh Khalafi, Hulya Senol, Durmus Aşıcıoglu and Merve Karafistan.

Review Article

Is there a Vaccine for HIV on the Horizon? What we've Learned thus Far from the Literature Review

Navpreet Singh, Harnoor Singh Sandhu, Naginder Pal Singh, Diljot Singh Bedi, Kanwar Shabaz Singh Sandhu and Avineet Kaur.

Short Communication

Pharmacotherapy and Drug Usage in Children

Charles D Shively.

Short Communication

Controversial Views on Cancer

Shrihari TG.