Volume 2 Issue 2

Short Communication

Hypoglycemic Activity of Fagonia indica and Aloe vera in Alloxan-Induced Hyperglycemia in Mice

Amina Mahdy and Naglaa Gamil Shehab. 2(2): 239-244.

Review Article

Understanding Type 1 Diabetes and Its Treatment – Some Remaining Difficulties

Gerald H Tomkin and Daphne Owens. 2(2): 245-251.

Review Article

The Process and Lessons Learned of Creating an Interdisciplinary Department Strategic Plan Designed by Faculty and Staff

Kerry K. Fierke, Keri Hager, Grant Anderson, Michael Swanoski and Ann Lowry. 2(2): 252-262.


The Postmenopausal Osteoporosis and the Phytoestrogens

Simona Gabriela Bungau and Delia Mirela Tit. 2(2): 263-264.