Volume 8 Issue 6


New Smoking Devices… with Reduced Harm?

José Manuel Mier Odriozola. 8(6): 459-461.

Research Article

Treatment outcome of among DR-TB Patients in Nigeria: A 5 Year Review

Jacob A Dunga, Yakubu Adamu, Datonye Alasia, Samuel Ogiri, Jafiada J Musa, Babawale Victor A, Anthony A Mshelia, Lawanson Adebola, Aderonke Agbaji, Vivian Ibeziako and Olusoji Ige. 8(6): 462-470.

Case Report

Video-Mediastinoscopy Assisted Approach for Intrathoracic Goiter Resection

Tosti María, Koren Guido, Gallardo Alfredo, Rios Alfredo and Nicolás Matías. 8(6): 476-480.


Management of Iatrogenic Bleeding Following Bronchoscopic Biopsies

Vikas Pathak, J Erin Allender and Mollie W Grant. 8(6): 487-488.

Review Article

Marijuana vs Tobacco in the U.S

Hipolito Rodriguez RRT. 8(6): 489-494.

Research Article

Human Metapneumovirus Pneumonia in Adults: A 5 Years Institutional Experience

Vikas Pathak, Jeremy Wininger and Anna Conterato. 8(6): 495-499.

Research Article

Assessment of Provider-Initiated HIV Testing and Counseling (PITC) for TB Patients at an Urban Sudanese Setting

Mohalleb A Alrayah, Elfatih M Malik, Hamadnallaa Siddig and Elsadig Yousif Mohamed. 8(6): 500-505.

Research Article

Utility of Bronchoscopy in Patients with Tree in Bud Appearance on Computerized Tomography of Chest

Vikas Pathak, Jeremy Wininger and Anna Conterato. 8(6): 506-510.

Conceptual Paper

Nanoparticles for Pulmonary Therapies

Brajesh Kumar. 8(6): 511-513.

Case Report

Rare Presentation of Intrathoracic Nerve Sheath Tumour and Cervical Tumour in a Patient with Von Recklinghausen’s Disease

Yogesh K Niwariya, Klein Dantis, Mahendra P Singh, Sumit Raj, Anurag Sahu, Rajat Singh Gwal and Sarrah Siddiqui. 8(6): 514-518.


COPD, Fashion Smell Tobacco, Prevention and New Treatments: What’s the Deal?

Flávia Mafra de Lima and Renata Kelly da Palma. 8(6): 519-521.

Research Article

Anesthesia Workstation Versus Intensive Care Ventilator in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, is there a Difference?

Amitabh Chanchal Sen, Kavya KR, Meghna Paulo, Aveek Jayant and Luis Baquero. 8(4): 522-528.