Volume 8 Issue 4

Research Article

Prescribing Antibiotics in the Emergency Room of Damascus Hospital

Rouaa Abdullah, Badie Al-mousa, Nizar Al-Daher, Nazir Ibrahim and Yousser Mohammad. 8(4): 284-289.

Review Article

Up to Date Bronchoscopic Treatment of COPD

Mostafa Bakeer. 8(4): 290-304.

Case Report

Ectopic Intrathoracic Liver Mimicking Pulmonary Nodules

Joshua Feinberg, Ory Wiesel, Igor Brichkov and Jason Shaw. 8(4): 305-308.


Integrated Strategies to Reduce NIV Failure

Raffaele Scala. 8(4): 309-312.

Research Article

Effects of Chemical Pleurodesis after Thoracoscopic Procedures for Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax

Mohamed Abdelwahab Alassal and Basem Mofreh. 8(4): 313-321.


Blood Eosinophils Threshold and Clinical Outcome in COPD

Ricardo Figueiredo and Mariana Deutt. 8(4): 329-331.

Case Report

Sirolimus Induced Pulmonary Toxicity-Case Report

Ergun Parmaksiz and Elif Torun Parmaksiz. 8(4): 332-335.

Review Article

The Role of Mitochondrial Imbalance in Pulmonary Diseases

Larry H Bernstein. 8(4): 336-344.

Review Article

Transbronchial Biopsy With or Without Fluoroscopy?

Maria Jose Bernabe Barrios, Michal Senitko, Adnan Majid, Erik Folch and Sebastian Fernadez Bussy. 8(4): 345-355.

Conceptual Paper

Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency: Need for a New Approach to its Diagnosis

Gavino Faa, Pierpaolo Coni and Ferdinando Coghe. 8(4): 368-369.