Volume 8 Issue 1


The End TB Strategy: Where do we Stand Still in India

Priyam Batra, Amit Singh, Asif Iqbal and Sarman Singh. 8(1): 01-02.

Research Article

Pulmonary Delivery of Human IgG Antibody Using a Novel Digital Inhaler in a Rodent Animal Model

Jamie Balarashti, Cynthia Besch-Williford, Heidi Nelson-Keherly and Steven Kesten. 8(1): 03-13.

Research Article

The Impact of Systemic Corticosteroids in Patients with an Exacerbation of COPD Complicating with Pneumonia

Alizamin Sadigov, Rauf Baylarov, Gunel Sadigova, Sharaf Huseynova, Konul Abasalieva and Kamran Mammadov. 8(1): 22-27.

Case Report

Sueiro’s and Hoover’s Signs. Coincidence or Causality?

Rajjoub Al-Mahdi E, Cabrera Hernández R, Mercedes Noboa E and Salvador Díaz Lobato. 8(1): 31-34.

Research Article

Mechanical Ventilation Support in Neonates: Care, Monitoring, Weaning

Hüden Güler and Behice Ekici. 8(1): 35-41.

Case Report

Association of Macitentan and Tadalafil in the Treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Associated with HIV

Pablo Álvarez Vega, Sergio Cadenas Menéndez, Armando Oterino Manzanas, Javier Martín Moreiras and Alicia Iglesias Gómez. 8(1): 42-45.

Research Article

Acute Lung Injury Associated Milieus Regulate the Plasticity of Type I Alveolar Cells via KLF2

Xuetao Yang, Jianhui Sun, Juan Du, Di Liu, Ce Yang, Dalin Wen, Ling Zeng and Jianxin Jiang. 8(1): 46-55.

Conceptual Paper

Managing Malignancy: Practices of Meditation and Yoga

Anirudh Kumar Satsangi. 8(1): 56-57.

Research Article

Sleep Apnea: Adherence and Home Respiratory Therapy Companies Performance

Ana Ferreira, Vitor Rodrigues, Teresa Correia, Artur Vale and Noélia Vilas Boas. 8(1): 65-71.

Research Article

Are New Zealand Maori More Susceptible to Smoking Related Lung Cancer? - A Comparative Case-Case Study

RJ Hopkins1, C Kendall1, GD Gamble1 and Robert P Young . 8(1): 72-91.