Volume 7 Issue 10

Research Article

Chemical Pleurodesis in Malignant Pleural Effusions (MPE)

Yacine Kheloui. 7(10): 683-700.

Case Report

Difficult Intubation due to an Unexpected Adverse Drug Reaction

Rafael Deliz-Aguirre and Rafael J Deliz. 7(10): 701-705.


Place of Distal Spirometry in COPD

Mouloud Bentrad. 7(10): 713.

Research Article

Role of VATS in Management of Pulmonary Hydatid and Follow Up: A Case Series

Narendra Agarwal, Deepa Kizhakke Veetil, Nikhil Rane, Bharti Kukreja, Arun Prasad and A Z Khan. 7(10): 714-720.

Research Article

A Retrospective Study of the Significance of Ziehl-Neelsen Staining Technique for the Diagnosis of Hansen’s Disease in a Low Cost Setting

Mac-Fiberesima G, Job P, Nwalozie R, Anyiam FE, Okwelle SPC, Faith E and Sounyo II. 7(10): 721-725.

Research Article

Higher Diagnostic Yield by Adding Conventional Bronchoscopic Sampling to Radial Probe EBUS for Peripheral Pulmonary Lesions

Ghulam Sarwar, Scott Twaddell, Naghmana Tehseen and David James Arnold. 7(10): 730-734.

Review Article

Management of Interstitial Lung Diseases: Does the Stage at Diagnosis Influence the Outcome?

Ravindran Chetambath, Nithya Ravindran and Jis B John. 7(10): 735-740.

Case Report

Unusual Case of Pleural Effusion-Not Everything is Tuberculosis

Sharad Joshi, Rajesh Gupta, Ankit Bhatia. 7(10): 741-743.

Case Report

High Flow Nasal Cannula as Treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Secondary to Serious Bronchopneumonia after Transoceanic Flight

Marianela Belén Canil, Gloria Cobo Ramirez, Iván del Bosque Granero, Diana Chiluiza and Salvador Díaz Lobato. 7(10): 744-748.