Volume 2 Issue 3

Research Article

An Investigation in to the Deaths of Homeless Unknown Persons (HUPs) at New Delhi District

Chaudhary BL, Vidua Raghvendra Kumar, Kumar Arvind and Singh Sukhdeep. 2.3 (2016): 90-97.


Glucocorticoids Use in CAP: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Eva Otoupalova and Bhavinkumar Dalal. 2(3): 98-100.

Research Article

Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis Long-Term Outcome After Bronchopulmonary Lavage

Maryam Hasanzad and Seyed Amir Mohajerani. 2(3): 103-108.

Case Report

Surgical Case Report: Colloid Adenocarcinoma of the Lung

Motohisa Kuwahara Hayato Moribuchi, Tsukasa Yoshida, Keita Matsumoto, Mamoru Nishiyama, Yoshiko Sueyasu, Naofumi Miyahara and Akinori Iwasaki. 2(3): 109-112.

Research Article

A Detailed Study of Seventy Cases of Non-Small Cell Carcinoma of Lung, Immunohistochemical Study and its Histo-Cytological Correlation

Mitesh R. Rathva, Mitul B. Modi, Ramrao G. Nilkanthe, Trupti S. Patel and Dhaval H. Jetly. 2(3): 113-122.