Volume 10 Issue 6


India’s COVID-19: Diverse Population Demands Diverse Requisites

Pritt Verma, Virendra Nath, Akanksha and Shravan Kumar Paswan. 10(6): 11-12.

Research Article

Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of ICU Admitted Patients with COVID-19: Analysis of University Hospital Data

Alizamin Sadigov, Farida Haciyeva, Pari Khoshbonyani, Vusala Mirzayeva and Tarana Sadigova. 10(6): 27-35.

Research Article

Correlation of Cystic Fibrosis Mutations and Pulmonary Function Tests in a Tertiary Care Centre

Hanaa Banjar, Meshal Almotair, Ibrahim AlMogarri, Khaled Althobaiti, Reem Alrasheedi, Turki Hussein, Sadeem AlMayouf, Alanoud Raja, Shahad Al-Suweilem, Njala Almubarak and Areej AlFattani. 10(6): 51-58.

Review Article

Making Sense of the Cytokine Storm in COVID-19

Mark H Chen and Nicholas A Kerna. 10(6): 73-78.

Mini Review

“Post COVID19 Vaccination Wave” -- Be Aware-Cautions, Cautions and Cautions Needed in 2021!!!!

Mayank Vats, Deepa Khandelwal and Spraha Vats. 10(6): 36-39.

Case Series

Clinical Considerations in Highly Suspicious Guillain-Barre Syndrome Associated with COVID-19: Case Series

Shivalika Mehan, Hanbyul Choi, Christian Barrera and Nisha Kotecha. 10(6): 40-42.


The Essential Guide to Antibiotic Use during COVID-19

Yousser Mohammad and Basim Dubaybo. 10(6): 08-10.


COVID 19 - The Start of Distant Socializing

Nilotpal Bhattacherjee. 10(6): 14-16.