Volume 10 Issue 11


COVID-19 Vaccination in Children: The Time to Come

Attapon Cheepsattayakorn, Ruangrong Cheepsattayakorn and Porntep Siriwanarangsun. 10(11): 01.

Research Article

Is Hydroxychloroquine “The Silver Bullet”? Role in Healthcare Workers as a Prophylactic Agent against Covid-19

Desh Deepak, Gowtham Reddy, Amit Suri, Kushagar Garg and Minakshi Bhardwaj. 10(11): 02-10.

Review Article

Septated Pleural Effusion and the Thin Line between Medical and Surgical Management

Aqusa Zahid and Muhammad Irfan. 10(11): 11-15.

Review Article

Sex and Gender Related Factors that Influence COVID-19 Disease in Terms of Predisposition, Acquisition, Morbidity and Mortality Rates

Saeed M Albogami, Sonia Mezghani, Neamat Alsouofi, Nawal Sharawani, Kholoud Hambishi, Turki Alshuaibi, Abdelhay Mohammed5, Ali Almutawa, Abdulhameed Basbrain, Mohannad Badghaish and Sara Alshebli. 10(11): 16-26

Review Article

Role of Immunity in Management of Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Allergic Rhinitis in Current Trying Times Like COVID-19

Makharia S, Dhond P, Archana Karadkhele, Muchhala S and Rathod R. 10(11): 54-61.

Mini Review

Malnutrition: A Potent Threat to Tuberculosis Affected Children

Puja Chakraborty Ghosh and Kaustav Chakraborty. 10(11): 27-31.

Mini Review

A Modified Nasotracheal Intubation Technique

Ajai Chandra, Anurag Garg, VK Shankhyan and Ratnesh Shukla. 10(11): 32-35.

Case Report

Steroid Refractory Desquamative Interstitial Pneumonia, Macrolides Beneficial Effect

Layal Olaywan, Claude Sader Ghorra and Youssef B Haddad. 10(11): 36-39.

Literature Review

Full Validation of a New Formula Estimating the Smoking Economic Burden by Morbidity

Fé Fernández Hernández and Efraín Sánchez González. 10(11): 40-47.