Volume 9 Issue 9


Mental Wellness Matters Among Children

Linda J. M. Holloway. 9(9): 38-40.

Research Article

Psychological Well-Being and Locus of Control in Adolescents with Visual Impairments

Nishat Shaheen, Indra K Roy and Anand Prakash. 9(9): 139-144.

Review Article

Theoretical Foundations of Ecological Arts Therapies

Alexander Kopytin. 9(9): 05-17.

Research Protocol

Conflict Management in Nursing: A Short Review Paper

Ayman Makableh, Mohammad AlBashtawy, Abdullah Alkhawaldeh, Omar Khraisat, Samer Al Haliq, Ahmad Al-Bashaireh, Mohammad Suliman and Bayan Albashtawy. 9(9): 01-04.


Food Sensitivities and Allergies in Autistic Children

Randa Akram Youssef. 9(9): 01-02.

Short Communication

Impostor Syndrome: The Controversial Phenomenon of the Very Capable People

Margarita Oikonomakou. 9(9): 17-20.

Conceptual Paper

The Adverse Effects of Stereotypes and Stigmas on Mental Health

Nicholas A Kerna, Uzoamaka Nwokorie, Olufemi Odugbemi and Cynthia Uju. 9(9): 58-59.

Case Report

Early Stress and Harmful Use of Psychoactive Substances in Adult Life: Case Report

Fernando Kamimoto Eckmann Helene and César Augusto Trinta Weber. 9(9): 61-65.

Research Article

The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Severity of Anxiety and Depressive Disorders

Maha Alshammari, Maan ABari Qasem Saleh and Amen Bawazir. 9(8): 41-52.


Open Schizophrenia Safety Locker with First Aid Key

Charangowda KC. 9(9): 137-138.

Review Article

Literature Review on Logotherapy

Sefa Bulut and Şuheda Ece Sarı. 9(9): 81-86.

Research Article

Knowledge Gaps about Autism Spectrum Disorders and its Clinical Management among Child and Adolescent Health Care Workers in Uganda: A Cross-Sectional Study

Justine Diana Namuli, Etheldreda Nakimuli-Mpungu, Emmanuel K Mwesiga and Nalugya S Joyce. 9(9): 112-121.

Short Communication

Colorism Among Black Women

Linda J. M. Holloway. 9(9): 122-128.


The Fingerprint of President Dwight David Eisenhower

Andres J Washington. 9(9): 129-130.

Research Article

Announcement of a Cancer Diagnosis

Hanène Ben Salah, Jihen Aloulou and Jamel Daoud. 9(9): 119-131.