Volume 9 Issue 8


Maintaining Mental Wellness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Linda J. M. Holloway. 9(8): 60-64.

Research Protocol

Barriers to Reporting Medication Errors among Nurses: A Review Paper

Basheer Al-zubi, Mohammad AlBashtawy, Mohammad Suliman, Omar Khraisat, Samer Al Haliq, Ahmad Al-Bashaireh and Abdullah Alkhawaldeh. 9(8): 02-06.

Review Article

Ethical Principles in Psychiatric Practice: A Systematic Review

Michael Atakora and Emmanuel Asampong. 9(8): 34-43.

Research Article

Findings from a Pilot Study on the Intake of Prebiotics and the Health-Related Quality of Life in a Sample of Young Obese Women

Roland Müller, Caroline Liener, Sophie Cabaset and Susanne Maurer. 9(8): 101-114.

Review Article

The Evolution of Art through Time and Space

Patrice F Dassonville. 9(8): 127-134.