Volume 9 Issue 6

Research Article

The Tactics and Strategies for Coping with Youth Violence in Timon-MA: Updating Perspectives and Data Reviewing

Raquel da Silva Rodrigues and Patrícia Rocha Lustosa. 9(6): 15-31.

Mini Review

Managing Preoperative Anxiety among Patients Undergoing General Surgery

Asala Alhamdoun, Mohammed ALBashtawy and Mohammad Suliman. 9(6): 71-74.

Short Communication

Humanitarian First during the New Coronavirus Outbreak in Saudi Arabia

Sultan Saad Alsubaie. 9(6): 61-62.

Review Article

Public Health Policies and Drug Use in Mexico

César Augusto Carrascoza Venegas. 9(6): 63-67.

Review Article

Certain Aspects of Drug Therapy for Older Patients

Putilina Marina Victorovna, Teplova Nataliya Vadimovna and Dvornikov Anton Sergeevich. 9(6): 89-99.

Research Article

Clozapine Protective Effect on Suicide Behavior in Schizophrenics

Daphne Ronacher Dantas Jarczewski and César Augusto Trinta Weber. 9(6): 39-45.

Research Article

Health Beliefs and Protection Practices in the Hindu Community in Portugal

Natália Ramos and Ivete Monteiro. 9(6): 75-81.

Research Article

Systematic Review of Effective Programmes Suicide Prevention in Police

Constanza Londoño Pérez, Jaime Humberto Moreno Méndez, Eliana Ivette Ortíz Garzón, María Margarita Rozo, Leidy Lorena Chinchilla Díaz, Daniela Chaparro Restrepo and Cristian Montenegro. 9(6): 82-88.

Review Article

COVID-19: Psychological Impact and Psychotherapeutic Intervention

Susmita Halder, Akash kumar Mahato and Shreya Manot. 9(6): 32-35.

Short Communication

Children’s Giftedness as a Subject of Study of Modern Psychology

Alexander Savenkov. 9(6): 36-38.

Review Article

Nutritional Support in Patients with Acute Cerebrovascular Accident

Сhuprina SE, Nebogina OV and Khodyakova EP. 9(6): 100-107.

Research Article

Prosocial Attitudes of Present-day Ukrainian Students

Aleksandr F Bondarenko, Natalia A Kucherovska and Svetlana L Fedko. 9(6): 174-178.