Volume 9 Issue 4

Review Article

The Eternal Presence of the Absent

Maria Inês Neuenschwander Escosteguy Carneiro. 9(4): 18-23.

Short Communication

Risk Factors for Depression in General Medical Practice

Sukiasyan SG and Tadevosyan M Ya. 9(4): 55-62.


How to Create Good and Balanced Relationships?

Krikeli Eleni. 9(4): 63-64.

Conceptual Paper

Questions of Perception in the Works of A.A. Leontiev and A.V. Zaporozhets

Ivannikov Viacheslav Andreevich. 9(4): 65.

Research Article

Women’s Drug Addiction Motives and Causes in Palestine

Afaf Rabee and Taisir Abdallah. 9(4): 01-07.

Review Article

Dream Interpretation and Human Motives

Adrian Medina Liberty. 9(4): 01-05.

Research Article

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Low Motivation to Change: Randomized Controlled Trial in a Psychiatric Hospital in Gaza Strip

Osama Jabr Emad, Inshirah Abubaker Osman and Yousef Ibrahim Aljeesh. 9(4): 26-32.

Research Article

Emotional Faces, Visuo-Spatial Working Memory and Anxiety

Frances A Maratos, Luca Simione and Antonino Raffone. 9(4): 43-51.

Mini Review

Musical Practices: A Tool for Sustainable Cognitive Reserve

Elisangela Naves Vivas and Sérgio de Figueiredo Rocha. 9(4): 71-74.