Volume 9 Issue 12

Research Article

Overcoming Teacher Burnout at Special Needs Educational Institutions: Resources for Reflection and on the Meaning of Life

Lyudmila Nikolaevna Molchanova and Alesya Anatolyevna Kuznetsova. 9(12): 04-12.

Review Article

Symptoms of the Deterioration of Political Links

Aboubacar Barry. 9(12): 13-25.

Mini Review

Mental Health Status of Women Post Covid-19 in Indian Context

Susmita Halder and Akash Kumar Mahato. 9(12): 26-39.

Short Communication

John Searle on Features of Ordinary Consciousness

Jean Evans, RSM, D.Th. 9(12): 40-41.

Review Article

The Effects of Group Interactive Art Psychotherapy on Quality of Life of War Veterans

Alexander Kopytin and Alexey Lebedev. 9(12): 57-64.

Review Article

Adderall: On the Razor’s Edge of ADHD Treatment, Enhanced Academic and Physical Performance, Addiction, Psychosis, and Death

Nicholas A Kerna, John V Flores, Hilary M Holets, Uzoamaka Nwokorie, Kevin D Pruitt, Emmanuella Solomon and Kyle Kadivi. 9(12): 65-71.