Volume 9 Issue 11

Research Article

Participative Leadership Model and Mobbing Syndrome in Nursing

Prevyzi Evangelia. 9(11): 20-31.

Review Article

Delusion of Pregnancy

María José Muñoz Algar and Patricia Bernal García. 9(11): 32-36.


Be Free from Toxic Emotions

Mauritz Fensham. 9(11): 37-39.


Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

Mauritz Fensham. 9(11): 40-41.

Research Article

Aspects Related with Cognitive Impairment in Children with Epilepsy

Mimoza Maloku Kuqi, Hazir Elshani, Eglantina Dervishi and Silva Ibrahimi. 9(11): 115-126.

Research Article

Socio-Psychological Factors Influencing Onychophagia (Nail-Biting) among Students in University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Ekechukwu Rosemary Obiagaeri and Isukwem Gideon Chidozie. 9(11): 52-58.

Research Article

Mental Health Comorbidities of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among Sexually Abused Adolescents

Ekechukwu Rosemary Obiagaeri and Angela Ebere Abaa. 9(11): 42-51.

Conceptual Paper

Fear of the Unknown - “We are Wearing More than Just a Mask”

Lindele Mbanjwa. 9(11): 22-23.