Volume 9 Issue 1


Is Burnout a Medical Problem?

Jayanthi P. 9(1): 01.

Research Article

Βurden of Carers for Elderly People in Greece. Proposals to Alleviate it through Restructuring of the Care Model

T Vorvolakos, A Arre, E Iliadou, F Keskeridou, N Roumelioti, P Toufexi and M Samakouri. 9(1): 01-08.

Research Article

Is Polypharmacy Risk Factor for Insomnia Later in Life? A Cross-Sectional Study in Greece

Konstantinos Argyropoulos, Panagiota Damka and Argyro Argyropoulou. 9(1): 01-05.

Review Article

Growing in Contemporary: A Crisis Inside the Crisis

Humberto Moacir de Oliveira and Bruno Curcino Hanke. 9(1): 01-09.

Short Communication

Fibromyalgia - Fact or Fiction

Donald J Schroeder. 9(1): 01-02.

Research Article

Analysis of the Motivation structure of video game players

AG Makalatyia. 9(1): 01-09.


A Brief Introduction to Learning Difficulties

Stringari Daphne. 9(1): 01-02.

Short Communication

Bullied by Addiction

Lori Ashcraft. 9(1): 01-02.

Review Article

Dichotomous Classification of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Syndromal and Non-Syndromal Forms

NV Solov’eva, YAV Kuvshinova, IV Kichuk, SV Chausova, VB Vil’yanov and SA Kremenitskaya. 9(1): 01-09.

Review Article

Gender and Age Features of the Self-Concept of a Pensioner

Marchuk Natalia Yurievna. 9(1): 01-09.

Case Report

Neurofibromatosis in Psychiatry: Late Diagnosis

Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Bueno and Regina Caeli Guerra Poças. 9(1): 01-04.

Literature Review

Challenges and Issues in Family Therapy: Case Study of a Slow Learner

Ashish Pratim Borah, Vikas Sharma, N Navya, Manpreet Ola and Amita Puri. 9(1): 01-05.