Volume 8 Issue 9

Research Article

Victimization and Psychopathology Prevalence’s in a Sample of Inmates in Cape Verde

Jorge Dias, Ana Rita Conde and Teresa Souto. 8(9): 981-992.

Research Article

Diffusion of Social Representations in Argentina

Elena Camisassa. 8(9): 947-957.

Review Article

Women's Peception in India

Nurjahan Begum, Shahnaz Begum and Imran Khan. 8(8): 904-908.

Research Article

Tobacco Cessation Delivery by the HCPs-Status Quo Report of a Private Hospital in India

Rakesh Gupta, Katyayni Agarwal and GN Gupta. 8(9): 1003-1009.

Mini Review

The Therapeutics of a "CAPS AD" in a Photography´s Collective

Virgínia Lima dos Santos Levy. 8(9): 1028-1031.

Mini Review

Latchkey Children - A Bolt from the Blue

R Priyadharshini, A Felicia Chitra, R Baby and Manjubala Dash. 8(9): 1041-1045.