Volume 8 Issue 6


Social Network Analysis as a Tool in Improving Mental Health

Arias Ramos Natalia and Marqués-Sánchez Pilar. 8(6): 437-439.

Research Article

Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Well-Being of Rural School Students in Malaysia

Balan Rathakrishnan, Melissa Edora Sanu, Sanju George, Koay Ting Yin, Azizi Yahaya, Soon Singh, Bikar Singh and Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin. 8(6): 440-444.

Research Protocol

Molixan’s Membrane Protective Properties in Case of Acute Ethanol Intoxication

Petros Ghazaryan, Alexandr Grebenuk, Vladimir Reinuk and Arshak Markosyan. 8(6): 455-457.

Mini Review

Role of Preconscious in Research on Time and Space

Patrice F Dassonville. 8(6): 458-460.

Research Article

Alienation as a Predictor of Unemployment in Kashmir Valley

Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat and Jyotsna Joshi. 8(6): 468-474.

Short Communication

Spotlighting Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS) in Face of the Opioid Epidemic in America: Should we Embrace Induction of “Dopamine Homeostasis”?

Kenneth Blum, David Baron, Marjorie- Gondré-Lewis, Brent Boyett, Mary Hauser, David Siwicki and Rajendra D Badgaiyan. 8(6): 508-511.

Case Report

Dissociative Identity Disorder Presenting with Multiple Suicidal Attempt: A Case Report

Elias Tesfaye, Selamawit Alemayehu and Mathewos Masane. 8(6): 512-517.


Process of Grief

Elza Bibic. 8(6): 518-520.

Research Article

Disciplines of Study, Empathy and Ambivalent Sexism of University Students across Gender

Shehryar Alam Khan and Ruhi Khalid. 8(6): 540-549.

Research Article

Moderating Role of Psychosocial Support in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms among Children after 2015 Earthquake

Shneha Acharya, Sanguan Lerkiatbundit and Sawitri Assannangkornchai. 8(6): 553-563.

Review Article

Considering the Role of Secular Spirituality in Psychotherapy

SD Lokuge, C Charris, C Spagnolo, A Fine, K Fotinos, E Sherifi, A Lodzinski, T Sternat and Martin A Katzman. 8(6): 564-573.