Volume 8 Issue 2


The Marriage of the Conscious and Unconscious in Architecture

Janetius ST and Mini TC. 8(2): 77-81.

Research Article

Attention-deficit Hyperactive Disorder in Pre-Primary School Aged Children Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Tagreed Ameen Zagzoog and Rehab Mohamed Elshazly. 8(2): 82-92.

Mini Review

Childhood Schizophrenia

Carnell Colebrook-Claude. 8(2): 93-96.


Sleep Disorders in Epilepsy

A Voitiuk and T Litovchenko. 8(2): 101-103.

Research Article

Signalling Pathways Coupling in Alzheimer Disease

Natasa A Kablar. 8(2): 104-108.

Research Article

Alcohol Addiction among Nigerian Youths: A Pointer to Increased Incidence of Non-Communicable Diseases

Adeosun Foluke O, Adeosun Oluwatosin T, Enye Linus A, Ayorinde Margaret A and Esoso Agbor J. 8(2): 114-120.


How Forming and Breaking Habits Changes the Brain

Jane Diana Adhiambo. 8(2): 141-142.