Volume 8 Issue 10

Research Article

Structure of Cognitive Disorders in Patients Operated for Non-Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage

NE Ivanova, М Yu Efimova, AO Makarov, AE Tereshin, MV Karyagina, DA Reshetnik and A Yu Ivanov. 8(10): 1085-1091.

Research Article

The Quest for Mindfulness

James V Hardt. 8(10): 1017-1027.

Review Article

Emotion Regulation and Eating Disorders: Rethinking Therapeutic Options

Fragiskos Gonidakis and Aimilia Tsertou. 8(10): 1092-1097.

Research Article

Sleep Duration and Insomnia in Youth: A Prevalence Survey

Divya Mohanty, Harsha Negi and Kalpana Nagpal. 8(10): 936-914.

Review Article

Evaluation of the Patient's Satisfaction with the Quality of Medical Care Rendering in the State and Private Medical Network

AV Khudyakov, AI Khritin, AV Ursu, AE Surina and VV Manakhov. 8(10): 859-868.

Review Article

Comments on a Couple Therapy

Jürg Rüedi. 8(10):909-918.


Smartphone Addiction and Physical Activity - Time to Strike the Balance

Keni Gowsi and Karthick Subramanian. 8(10): 1046-1048.

Review Article

Clinical and Psychological Peculiarities of Female Incest

Cherkasova Elena Sergeevna. 8(10): 801-803.

Review Article

Autism. Research, Economic and Governmental Intervention Plans

Stefania Argenti. 8(10): 972-980.

Research Article

Prevalence of Body Mass Index and the Body Image in Adolescents of Both Sex

Flávia Évelin Bandeira Lima, Núbia Maria de Oliveira, Mariane Lamin Francisquinho, Mariane Aparecida Coco, Fellipe Bandeira Lima, Walcir Ferreira Lima and Silvia Bandeira da Silva Lima. 8(10): 1010-1016.

Research Article

Mass Media Exposure and Eating Pathology among Female Medical Students

Kavya Sri Koneru, Raghuram Macharapu, Pramod KR Mallepalli and Ravulapati Sateesh Babu. 8(10): 1035-1040.

Research Article

Well-being among Medical Students in Clinical Years at a Private College in Oman: Cross Sectional Study

Asma Alfarsi, Mandhar Almaqbali, Waddah Alalmaei Asiri and Yusra Almamari. 8(10): 1129-1135.