Volume 8 Issue 1


Social Resources and Health: The Case of Social Capital

Andreas Tsounis and Tasos Travasaros. 8(1): 01-03.

Research Article

Correlates of PCL-S Tree and Scores Projective Design Indices in the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Diagnostics (PTSD) among the Congolese Militaries

Dieudonné Ngalamulume, Okitundu Luwa D, Ndjukendi O Ally, Kamanaga Mbuyi Timothée, Kanga Matondo Emmanuel and Florence Mbiya Muadi. 7(12): 09-20.

Case Study

Challenges Faced by Non BPD Spouse and Family: A Case Study

Padmakali Banerjee, Amita Puri, Astha Puri and Trisha Banerjee. 8(1): 29-36.

Short Communication

Schizophrenia - the Coffee and Nicotine Connection

Anna Cornelia Beyer. 8(1): 37-38.

Research Article

Parental Attitudes and Adolescents’ Psychopathology

Sanju Das and Anand Prakash. 8(1): 39-43.

Research Article

Computer Dependence - A Disease of the New Age

Jovana Cvetković, Olivera Radulović and Roberta Marković. 8(1): 44-49.


Why are Brain Hemispheres Important in Psychotherapy?

Sofía Sagüés de la Maza. 8(1): 53-54.

Review Article

Play-Based Interventions for Aggressive Children: Tools for Clinicians

Tonya Davis and Jetaun Bailey. 8(1): 62-68.

Mini Review

The Diagnostic Work-Up of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Magnus Sjogren. 8(1): 72-76.