Volume 7 Issue 8


Global Aging and Mental Health Challenges

Andreas Tsounis and Tasos Travasaros. 7(8): 440-441.

Case Report

Should Vaccines be Available to Prevent Respiratory Illnesses in People with Severe Mental Illness? Two Case Reports

Naveen Thomas, Mahesh Jayaram, Rajeev Kumar, David Fenn and Christos Pantelis. 7(8): 466-468.

Thematic Article

Adolescents Immigrant and Refugees: Identity Issues

Theodora Skali. 7(8): 479-483.

Review Article

At the Sharp End. The Controversial Questions Raised

Wendy Thomson. 7(8): 484-489.

Short Communication

The Placebo Effect: Mental or Physical?

Morton E Tavel. 7(8): 490-495.

Research Article

Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Psychosocial Functioning in School Going Adolescents

Srinivasa Sivaram Kishore D, Raghuram Macharapu, Pramod KR Mallepalli and Ravulapati Sateesh Babu. 7(8): 498-503.

Review Article

Cognitive Systems as Maladaptive

James F Welles. 7(8): 504-524.

Conceptual Paper

The Double Slit to Mysticism

Kurt Furer. 7(8): 525-531.

Mini Review

Emotional Factor in the Etiology and Pathogeny of Cancer

Jose R Ponce and Joel Martinez. 7(8): 532-536.

Research Article

Global Employability: Career Education Conference the Challenges of Globalization

Kanwal Shahbaz, Ayesha Shahbaz and Kiran Shahbaz. 7(8): 537-543.

Mini Review

Emotional Quotient, Emotional Intelligence

Aziz Koleilat and Sirine Mneimenh. 7(8): 557-560.

Letter to Editor

Should it be called Alzheimer’s

Michael Ellenbogen. 7(8): 561.


Living Life to the Fullest, Even with Dementia

Michael Ellenbogen. 7(8): 562-563.

Review Article

Analysis of Evidence for the Combination of Pro-dopamine Regulator (KB220PAM) and Naltrexone to Prevent Opioid Use Disorder Relapse

Kenneth Blum, Edward J Modestino, Rajendra D Badgaiyan, David Baron, Panayotis K Thanos, Igor Elman, David Siwicki, Marcelo Febo and Mark S Gold. 7(8): 564-579.

Short Communication

Concerning Cures, Trangenderalities, and Misconceptions

Maria Inês Neuenschwander Escosteguy Carneiro. 7(8): 580-581.

Case Series

Sex Chromosome Abnormality and Sexual Behaviour: Selective Treatment Approaches - A Case Series of 5 Klinefelter’s Men

Dominique Bourget, Alain Labelle, John MW Bradford and J Paul Fedoroff. 7(8): 586-594.