Volume 7 Issue 7


Timing Sleep to Support Mental Health

Teresa Arora. 7(7): 344-346.

Review Article

Leaders with Optimism Get Positive Result: Industrial Perspective

Padmakali Banerjee and Reena Nigam. 7(7): 358-364.


The Conceptualization of Phenomena

Patrice F Dassonville. 7(7): 365-366.

Short Communication

Prescription Pain Medications and Heroin Epidemic

Alen J Salerian. 7(7): 367-369.

Review Article

Protective Role of Herbal Drugs against Stress Induced Immunosuppression and the Possible Mechanism

Kavita Gulati, Nishant Rai, Maaz Naqvi and Arunabha Ray. 7(7): 370-376.


The Emotional Basis of Stupidity

James F Welles. 7(7): 377-379.

Short Communication

Cresol: A Possible Cause of Dementia

Paul TE Cusack. 7(7): 380-381.

Research Article

Predicting OCD: An Analysis of the Conceptually Related Measures of Intolerance of Uncertainty, Perfectionism, and Coping

Fotinos K, Fine A, Nasiri K, Youmer N, Sternat T, Cook S, Epstein I and Martin A Katzman. 7(7): 386-397.

Case Report

Case Report of Anorexia Nervosa

Thabet AA. 7(7): 400-405.

Review Article

Modification and Standardization of PGI Locus of Control Scale (in English)

Sunita Sharma, Amita Puri, Brahm Deep Sindhu and Astha Puri. 7(7): 409-414.

Conceptual Paper

Contemporary Psychoanalysis: Change of the Paradigm of Development

Reshetnikov Mikhail. 7(7): 422-427.

Review Article

Cognitive Canvas: Molecular Embroidery, Fabric and the Base

AK Mukhopadhyay. 7(7): 428-439.