Volume 7 Issue 5

Review Article

Advances in Virtual Reality and Interventions in Clinical Psychology

Joan Sebastián Soto Triana, Catalina Gómez Villamizar and Rocío Venegas Luque. 7(5): 247-254.


Non-Reproductive Effects of Estradiol: Brain Behavior

Gislaine Almeida-Pereira. 7(5): 261-262.

Literature Review

Correlation Between Perception and the Underutilization of Mental Health Services in the Treatment of Depression Amongst African Americans

Crenicia J Gaunt, Kristina N Jones, Christopher Solomon, Shanika Lavi Wilson. 7(5): 263-269.

Research Article

Predicting OCD: An Analysis of the Conceptually Related Measures of Intolerance of Uncertainty, Perfectionism, and Coping

Fotinos K, Fine A, Nasiri K, Youmer N, Sternat T, Cook S, Epstein I and Martin A Katzman. 7(5): 270-280.

Review Article

Bullying and Victimization Experienced by Students with Learning Disabilities: Brief Literature Review

Christos Douvlos, Stanislava Stoyanova and Pagoni Kottorou. 7(5): 281-286.